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They possess versatility, excitement and good looks

Our database offers a wide range of models, actors and influencers. We carefully select talent from different booking areas and present them in an updated and curated index. With our expertise, we ensure effective and professional collaboration.

These men have expressive qualities and come from different cultural backgrounds and speak different languages ​​and dialects. They skillfully portray all aspects of human emotions with intensity, lightness and charm.

Our actors appear on theater stages as well as in front of film and television cameras. We also book some of them for advertising purposes.

Sprecher München: professionelle Sprecher, Synchronsprecher, Native Speaker, Werbesprecher

Werbesprecherinnen für Werbung, E-Learning, Computerspiel, Imagefilm, Erklärvideo, Voice-Over. Sprachaufnahme| Synchron | Werbung | Doku | Image | Telefonansagen | E-Learning – Sie erhalten die fertigen Dateien innerhalb kürzester Zeit zum Download oder per E-Mail. Gerne beraten wir Sie und erstellen Ihnen schnell und kostenlos ein Angebot.

In order to find and book the right speaker, we advise you individually in the context of the speaker search, of course also for the dubbing voices of Hollywood stars, audio book and radio play speakers as well as for image films and computer games. Are you looking for an interesting advertising voice, audio book voice or children’s voice?
Professionalism is our top priority. In the speaker list you will therefore only find real professional speakers with experience. We checked every speaker to ensure the quality is right. Native speakers are available in 15 languages ​​to make your industrial film, television commercial, radio spot or audio book sound perfect in other languages.
We would also be happy to direct, record and edit your project. We produce in our own, modernly equipped recording studios in Munich. We also bridge distances with our ISDN/IP codecs, so that the speakers do not have to be on site but can be connected from all over the world.

For film, television and advertising:

As an agency, we represent and place talented, committed, mostly young actors. We continually support and challenge their development in the film sector. Our goal is always to make unique characters visible. Nowadays, electronic casting is an important part of the casting process. This allows us to better assess your acting qualities.
Our selection:
They are versatile, exciting and look great. They are expressive, have different cultural roots, speak different languages ​​and dialects and play out all aspects of human emotions with intensity, lightness and charm. Our actors appear in front of film and television cameras as well as on the theater stage and in advertising.
Unser aktuelles Projekt
Professionelle Videoproduktion erzählt mehr als eine Geschichte. Sie erweckt sie zum Leben. Denn Videos können mehr als nur Emotionen erzeugen. Es wird die Geschichte unvergesslich machen. Lassen Sie mich Ihnen also zeigen, wie Sie ein oder mehrere Ziele beim Filmemachen erreichen. Seien Sie der Erste, der Ihren Erfolg mit kreativen Videoinhalten feiert. Denn nichts eignet sich dafür besser als eine hochwertige Videoproduktion.